Physicians for Social Responsibility Sacramento Chapter Physicians for Social Responsibility Sacramento Chapter Physicians for Social Responsibility Sacramento Chapter Physicians for Social Responsibility Sacramento Chapter

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Sacramento Chapter

About Us

PSR/Sacramento is an organization of health care professionals and other concerned citizens dedicated to the elimination of nuclear weapons and militarism, the reduction of firearm related deaths and injuries and other forms of interpersonal violence, the preservation of our environment, and universal access to affordable health care.

Nationally, PSR has over 30,000 members. The Sacramento chapter currently has over 700 members.

PSR/Sacramento Officers and Board Members 2017

President: Harry Wang, MD

Vice-President and Treasurer: Bill Durston, MD

Committee Member: Tony DeRiggi, MD

Committee Member: Robin Kristufek, RN

Committee Member: Marilyn Perry, PhD

Committee Member: Will Seavey, MD

Committee Member: Jimmy Spearow, PhD

Committee Member: Zohreh Whitaker

Harry Wang, MD President Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in private practice
Harry believes that we all have a responsibility to try and address the biggest threats to the survival of our planet. He gains hope working with an organization with like-minded individuals. Read his article on why physicians should be activists.
Bill Durston, MD

Vice President & Treasurer Retired Emergency Physician
As a Vietnam combat veteran and an emergency physician, Bill has firsthand knowledge of the effects of violence. He is committed to helping break the vicious cycle of violence that grips our country and our world. Read his article on gun violence following the Sandy Hook shooting.
Tony DeRiggi, MD Committee Member Retired Pediatrician
Tony, a past president of PSR/Sacramento, has experience in environmental health issues and sustainability.
Robin Kristufek, RN, PHN Committee Member Retired Public Health Nurse
Robin enjoys working for a healthy society in which everyone has equal access to clean air and water, fertile soil, healthy food, and safe neighborhoods, free of contaminants and without violence in any form.
Marilyn Perry, PhD, MFT Committee Member Licensed Psychotherapist and Executive Coach in private practice
Marilyn believes that Peace will be a natural consequence of building a just world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
Will Seavey, MD Committee Member Practicing Geriatrician at UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center
Will is excited to be a part of PSR/Sacramento and its efforts to promote environmental sustainability, rational national scientific policy, and a practical knowledge base for the avoidance of war.
Jimmy Spearow, PhD Committee Member Staff Toxicologist, Department of Toxic Substances Control, California EPA
Jimmy has a special interest and expertise in environmental issues and nuclear weapons. He has lectured widely on the effects of nuclear weapons, the nuclear arms race, and dangers of our country’s first-strike nuclear weapons policy.
Zohreh Whitaker Committee Member Full Time Peace Activist
As a naturalized U.S. citizen of Iranian descent, Zohreh is acutely aware of the effects of U.S. foreign policy on the people of the Middle East.Zohreh says, “Peace is what I strive for.” Her love of children and her concern for their future led her to join PSR.