Environmental Work

We believe that global climate change, the pollution of our air, water, and soil, and the extinction of other species resulting from the encroachment on their habitats by human society present a critical threat to our planet’s ecosystem. We promote safe, renewable forms of energy that reduce pollution and our dependence on oil. We support family planning and maintenance of human population at levels which do not threaten other life on our planet. We support efforts to reduce toxic hazards in our communities, our schools, and our workplaces, including the medical care setting. We support sustainable agriculture, without use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals. We believe that there are legitimate concerns about the safety of foods made from genetically modified organisms and that at a minimum, all such foods should be clearly labeled. We believe that we have a responsibility to future generations to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it.

PSR/Sacramento agrees with the United Nations that access to safe, clean drinking water should be viewed as a basic human right. (Read the text of Dr. Bill Durston’s presentation regarding access to clean water in California which he gave at the National Institute of Black Journalists conference on health reporting at UC Davis Sacramento Medical Center on November 15, 2014.)

Read Steering Committee member Robin Kristufek’s report from her May 2013 trip to Washington, D.C. to lobby for clean air. She joined over one hundred Clean Air Ambassadors who met with EPA and White House staff, and with members of Congress asking them to work to clean up the air that we all breathe.

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